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Hello and welcome to the re-launched Britwar site.

Britwar was launched in 1997 as a resource site for wargamers. We provided army lists, orders of battle and technical information designed to be incorporated into wargamers of all sorts from the traditional map based kriegsspiel to modern era computer games and simulations with everything in between.

Britwar was also the host site for the Wargames and Military History Search Engine, The wargames banner exchange and of course the Scenario Squad – a team of wargamers and military historians who would develop and beta test wargaming scenarios to incorporate into commercial games. We also provided hosting for mainly UK based wargaming clubs and a free email service for like minded individuals. Since then we’ve had Google which killed the search engine business, Double-Click which killed banner exchanges, the rise of Hollywood type first person shooters and the decline of strategy games and of course Facebook, Hotmail and others of that ilk have killed of independent hosting and email services. It’s our belief that the web and those who use the web have lost out with the rise of the giants but the reality of teh modern web cannot be denied. As hosting costs rose and revenues declined Britwar was placed into hiatus for a few years until we decided what to do with it.

Well we’re back and we’re going back to our roots. Our aim is to concentrate on what enthused us the most in the first place. The publishing of material of use to military historians and wargamers. Our first aim is to convert the old content to the new modern standards and republish it as soon as we can before introducing new material. Sadly over the years a lot of our material has been taken and incorporated into Wikipedia and the other vampires of the internet so if you’ve seen it before our apologies; but remember it was here first as a trip to the wayback machine can confirm.

Our planned publishing schedule for the first three months of 2014 can be found here - Publishing Schedule. Please note that through January and February especially the Britwar site will be subject to unannounced changes whilst we finalise the layout, data structure and functionality. During this period please link only to the main page and not any individual article.

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