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BritWar is a wholly independently owned website.

Its aim is to promote the hobby of wargaming in all its forms. Its further aims are to promote the study of military history and the study of how military and political events in the past have helped form the present world. BritiWar does not aim to glorify war and the pain and suffering that is the inevitable consequence of war but believes that a better understanding of the nature of war and military affairs will lead to less conflicts of this nature in the future.

British Wargames further aims to assist in uniting the world wargaming community so as to promote the cross fertilisation of ideas, make knowledge easily available and promote the social aspects of the hobby.

It does this by ...

  • Providing a wide range of freely accessible resources in an easy to use and easy to understand format.
  • Providing forums where wargamers can express ideas and engage in lively discussions aimed at furthering the hobby.
  • Providing reviews of illustrations and methods of simulating military and geopolitical conflict.
  • Providing its own methods and support materials for the simulation of such conflicts.
  • Providing topical articles illustrating particular aspects of military campaigns and events suitable for illustrating identifiable military strategies and tactics.
  • Providing support for selected, commercial wargaming systems.

    Previously Britwar has also provided ...

  • A search engine whereby wargaming, military websites and other sources of information throughout the world was made readily accessible.
  • Providing a free e-mail service enabling wargamers and military historians to commentate freely.
  • Providing free webspace for specialist sites
  • Provided am specialist advertising program for specialist sites throughout the web focusing on military history, wargaming an related subjects.

Britwar has been on-line since 1997 in one form or another.

A final word,
"To jaw-jaw is always better than war-war"
Sir Winston Churchill in a speech at the American White House 27 June 1954
(Reported by the New York Times)


Post 2000 historical versions of this site can be found on the Wayback Machine



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