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BritWar is the host site for Scenario Solutions.

Scenario Solutions comprise a group of international wargamers, wargame and wargame scenario designers who are available to assist with the development work for your wargame. Whether your project is a commercial or non-commercial venture we can help you. Scenario Solutions have developed and maintain protocols for the effective testing of new or recently released products. Scenario Solutions can greatly assist you with the debugging and optimising of your project.

The membership of Scenario Solutions comprises persons with Information Technology development skills, Historians, Business Managers, serving and retired Military staff and of course Wargamers. Together this, with our international background places Scenario Solutions in an unrivaled position to provide you with effective solutions and feedback for your projects.

Working with absolute confidentiality Scenario Solutions are not tied to any one game developer or publisher and can offer you completely unbiased and objective feedback and assistance.

The Scenario Solutions Team are available at very short notice to assist with an unexpected crisis where our broad range of skills can make your project the success it ought to be.

Alternatively Scenario Solutions are also available to assist in the long term planning and development where our experience can assist you in avoiding those unexpected surprises that bedevil a project nearing completion.

Amongst many other things the Scenario Solutions team can:

Provide Hardware and software compatibility testing, debug and optimisation information throughout the Alpha, Beta and Post release stages of your software. We can also ...

  • Provide specialist/historical Orders of Battle (TOEs) from the ancient world to today and of course ...
  • Provide specialist/historical equipment analysis and data.
  • Provide specialist/historical tactical analysis.
  • Provide historical/political context analysis
  • Design and construct scenarios to be incorporated within your main program.
  • Assist in outline planning.

... and of course our rates are very reasonable.

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