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Cookies are now attached to most adverts and pages on this site.

These cookies do not and or not intended to obtain your personal information.

What they do is improve site navigation and increase the speed of response to mouse clicks on a link, especially in connection with the displayed banners. They also allow advertisers on this site to track visitors and prove that we're not cheating on visitor numbers.

Java and JavaScript is also being introduced in limited quantities to certain pages in order to assist in displaying various aspects of the site. If your browser does not accept Java or you choose not to permit Java then you can still navigate this site but you may miss some of the more advanced features however you will still have full access to all editorial content.

Cookies are also used to allow visitors access to advanced aspects of this site, without them this site will not function as envisioned.

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Any personal information submitted by a visitor to this site for any reason will only be used for the clearly stated reason given when that data was collected, (for example, "BritWar" PRIVATE mailing list etc.) and will not under any circumstances be passed on to any third party or used.

BritWar (except as provided for as below) does not and will not attempt to identify individual visitors by any means.

IP addresses and cookies are used to track our visitors as they navigate around this site. This information is statistical in nature and is used by BritWar to improve the service it provides to visitors. This statistical information is also used by advertisers and other third parties to judge the efficiency of their campaigns and by BritWar to illustrate that we are not cheating on visitor numbers.

This information does not provide identifiable information on individual visitors nor is it used under normal circumstances in an attempt to identify individual visitors.

BritWar makes the following exceptions to the above general rule.

The above are the only exceptions to our general rule regarding privacy.